General Information

A Diploma Engineers of Automobile Technology can take his job in vehicles related section of the Govt. and private sectors. They can take a job in BRTA, BRTC, BIWTC, Driving Colleges, several mills and factories, several workshops and garages in the Govt. and private sectors. They can also be an Instructor in a Govt. or private polytechnic institute. An Automobile Engineer has more opportunities to take a job in foreign countries specially in the Middle east as a technician, foreman etc. in several mills and factories. After completing IELTS successfully an Automobile Engineer can take higher education in the abroad besides his formal education in respective technology. Though there is no scope of B.Sc Engineering in Bangladesh they can get the opportunity to take this degree in Mechanical Technology. But the scope of B.Sc Engineering in Automobile Technology is going to open by the Govt. within the very short time.

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Head of the Department(Automobile)

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