History And Background Of BSPI

Bangladesh Sweden Polytechnic Institute (BSPI) is one of the famous and well reputed technical educational institute in Bangladesh. It was established at Kaptai under Rangamati Hill Tracts in 1962 by the initiative of Swedish Government as Swedish-Pakistan Institute of Technology. After emergence of Bangladesh, the institute renamed as Bangladesh Sweden Polytechnic Institute. The total campus area is 30.95 acre. BSPI is one of the Government institute under ministry of education through Directorate of technical education while the academic program is controlled by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). It offers 4-years (8 Semester) Diploma-in-Engineering courses. It has qualified teachers, workshops and laboratories with modern equipment. About 2300 students are now studying in different technical fields of this institute.

The Institute offers 4-year Diploma-in-Engineering Courses in the following six technologies:

  • Automobile Technology : First shift=50, Second Shift=50
  • Civil(Wood) Technology : First shift=50, Second Shift=50
  • Computer Technology : First shift=50, Second Shift=50
  • Construction Technology : First shift=50, Second Shift=50
  • Electrical Technology : First shift=50, Second Shift=50
  • Mechanical Technology : First shift=50, Second Shift=50

There are eight semesters in this diploma course is of 4-years duration. Including “Industrial Attachment Training” of one semester (training duration is four months) duration in different industrial organization. Successful completion of the courses including “Industrial Attachment Training” as per BTEB- regulations entitles a student to the award of Diploma-in-Engineering in his technology.


The students shall have to observe the following rules as well as those enforced from time to time and in case of violation of any of the rules the Principal shall have the authority to take disciplinary actions and award any one or more of the punishments, namely, warning, fine, Expulsion for a definite period or for good.

Disciplinary Rules:

  1. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the Institute Campus, Class Rooms and Workshops.
  2. Students must not loiter in the corridors, aisles and such other places during their off-periods and must not hold any meeting in the institute without permission of the Principal.
  3. Entrance into any office, workshop, Departmental store and such other places without purpose and previous permission from the office-in-charge is also strictly prohibited.
  4. Every student must attend the workshop and Laboratory classes wearing short sleeved shirts tucked in and must use APRON.
  5. The Institute Authority also reserves the right to take disciplinary actions for any other offense committed which will be deemed as detrimental to and breach of Institute discipline and beyond the common code of citizenship and ethics.


The Institute is located at Kaptai in a serene and calm valley near the dam on the Karnafully river. The picturesque view of the Kaptai Lake, and small industrial sheds on the dales, having greeneries all round, provide a natural fascination for all the beauty loving people along with a congenial academic atmosphere. The place is connected with Chittagong by 35 miles long metaled road and with Rangamati, by a 20 miles long lake journey. At every 15 minutes interval public buses ply from Chittagong to Kaptai daily via Chandraghona.


The Institute buildings includes-

  • One single storied structure for workshop for Civil- Wood Technology.
  • One double storied structure being used for science laboratory and class rooms
  • One double storied structure for office accommodation.
  • One single storied structure for the workshops of Automobile, Electrical and Mechanical Technologies.
  • One single storied structure for canteen.
  • One double storied and one 3 storied structure for students Hostel and one 4 storied structure for female Hostel
  • One 4 storied structure (newly build) for Computer and Construction Technology.
  • One wood seasoning chamber and impregnation plant.
  • 2 blocks of garages and Electric Sub-station.
  • One covered walkway linking all the buildings.

Workshop and Laboratories:

Counting the needs for excellent training facilities to the students in up-to-date working methods, sophisticated shops and laboratories fully equipped with modern machines and tools have been erected for each technology separately. A large amount of money is being spent by the Government every year to keep the shops at par with the industrial growth and development.

Play Ground:

There are open playgrounds located very close to the hostel for football, hockey, Cricket, Volleyball, badminton, tennis and other outdoor games.


There is a medium size library in the institute with well selected and up-to-date volume of Texts and reference books, Journals (trade, Industrial and educational) and study guides. The library remains open during class-hours and also in the evening hours to enable the students to use the library in their off-time.


A Separate building provided with cooking and other facilities is located close to the hostel. To take meal in the canteen is compulsory for the students residing in the hostel. The canteen is run by a committee formed by the students where Assistant hostel super works as ex-officious President. The students bear all the messing charges.