General Information

It gives me immense pleasure to offer a happy welcome you on Non-Tech department of Bangladesh Sweden Polytechnic Institute. This is mandated to run four-year Diploma-in Engineering on Six disciplines Automobile, Civil (Wood), Computer, Construction, Electrical and Mechanical Technology where Common subject for all Technology are Mathematics, Science, Industrial Economics, Management, English and Physical Training. There are Physics lab and chemistry Lab for Non-Tech department. The above common subject is run by the Non-Tech depart. We always try to ensure quality education and learning to become an excellent engineer but also assimilate social responsibilities and ethical principles so that they can strongly and safely realize improvement in the lives of people. We accept your cordial suggestion and would be available for any clarification you may wish to ask.

Best Regards,

Syed Muhammad Noman

Head of the Department(Non-Tech)

Mobile : 01819837475

Email : syednomanctg@gmail.com